You're here to make a significant contribution in this lifetime.
I'm here to help make sure that happens.

Krista Van Derveer

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Working Together

My coaching packages & programs are centered around supporting you to make powerful strides towards living into the most authentic expression of what you're here to do in the world; becoming even more sovereign & skilled in your leadership & communication; creating positive impact on your teams, employees, and stakeholders; & powerfully influencing & inspiring others.

Through my bespoke coaching approach, I meet you exactly where you're at, ensuring we co-create a tailored approach to meeting your biggest growth edges and accomplishing your most important goals.

For over 15+ years I've coached & led trainings for women facing all sorts of challenges in all levels of leadership, from corporate CEO levels to entrepreneurs, founders, mid-level management & solopreneurs.

"Krista impeccably supports her clients to make the bold changes, both internally and externally, that are required for growth and she does so with grace, with grit and so much care. Anybody fortunate enough to receive the gifts of Krista's heart and mind will be transformed for the better." ~ Emma Teitel

Private Coaching Specialties

"If you stand for nothing, you fall for anything."

Krista Van Derveer
  • Mastering Hard Conversations
  • Creating Healthy Boundaries
  • Navigating Power Dynamics
  • Challenging Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Giving Feedback
  • Skillfully Managing & Leading Others
  • Influencing Outcomes
  • Executive Presence
  • Mastering Communication
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Stage Presence & Messaging
  • Speaking & Presentation Presence
  • Navigating Bullying And Bias Working In Male Dominated Environments
  • Earning Respect & Authority
  • 360 Leadership Assessments
  • Interviewing Team Members or Business Partners
  • Approaching Sensitive Topics
  • Powerfully Asking For What You Want
  • Transitioning Careers
  • Finding Your Soul's Next Career Expression
  • Imposter Syndrome & Self Doubt

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What Women Are Saying About Krista:

Krista Van Derveer

"Krista has an incredible capacity to listen deeply, ask powerful questions and support women to find their authentic expression and contribution in the world. Krista's presence is loving, radiant and extremely high quality. She combines her incredible background in corporate consulting with a rare intuitive magic to create lasting outcomes for the women she serves.  

Her commitment to women's leadership and what becomes possible when women take a stand both for themselves and what they care about is inspiring and has changed my life." 

~ Emma Derman Teitel, MA, LPC

Krista Van Derveer

"No other person in my life that asks such exquisite questions, holds high integrity space and then listens as deeply as Krista does.  

Her questions have the ability to pierce the heart of a problem, leaving me with insights I’d never see on my own.

Every time we meet, I leave more inspired to impact the world in my own unique way because of her guidance, reflections and coaching."

~ Elizabeth Drish

Osha Waters

"Krista is an illuminating power of access to what wants to move through woman in this lifetime: the once silent treasures that are now ready to become, to be known, to announce themselves to the world and boldly serve. 

She listens, she conjures, she questions, she points the sword, softens, and widens and creates the fertile ground from which woman can locate and claim her unique voice within all the voices. 

I am a blessed woman to know her, be known by her, and be wildly supported by her own fierce choice to lead with an impeccable devotion to the unfurling of a unified future."

~ Osha Waters

Merryl Rothaus

"Krista has a warm and fierce laser-like ability to get right to the epicenter of what is happening in a person so that their gifts and superpowers can reveal themselves into clarity. She has a dedicated passion around empowering women to find, reveal and live their most authentic values and truths personally and professionally. 

She holds deep and contactful presence with her focused attention and her insights, based on her keen ability to listen and reflect on multiple levels  are invaluable. Krista Is a woman who is dedicated to helping women unfurl and excel."

~Merryl E. Rothaus, LPC, LMHC, ATR-BC, CHT

"Krista is assigned to the heart of this world. She is here to help us all remember how much it matters that the fullest expression of what is possible in our lives, comes into fruition. She is kind, she is willing, she is honest, she is powerful."

~ Megan Eggers Zubaedi

"Krista has helped me overcome my biggest challenge in my career so far - transitioning from an individual contributor to the leader of a team. The growth I've experienced as a result of this relationship is simply beyond measure. I've become more mature, curious, and willing to speak straight or address problems head on.  Krista’s a blessing to anyone who is lucky enough to be coached by her.”

~Claire Lao

group or private program

Take Your Thought Leadership &
Stage Presence To The Next Level

For women looking to enhance their stage presence, craft impactful leadership messages, and become more compelling speakers.

Krista Van Derveer
  • Discover or clarify what you stand for at this stage of your journey and why
  • Craft a clear and powerful 10-15 min leadership message that conveys your stand
  • Learn ways to deliver your message that influences and impacts your audience
  • Embody a potent and authentic stage presence
  • Practice giving your message to a seasoned group of women who will give you honest and supportive feedback
  • Give your final leadership message to a live group in person or over zoom
  • Walk away with digital assets of your leadership message to share with others

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