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Krista Van Derveer

"As husband and wife and business partners, we know that the key to our greatest success out in the world lies inside the health, security, and depth of our relationship. The more skilled and secure our partnership, the greater capacity each of us has to step into our fullest authenticity and potential, and thus the more ability we have to create meaningful change and achieve ambitious goals together."

Meet Krista + Will

Krista is a seasoned consultant and executive coach; Will is a leader and educator in integrative mental health and wellness.

We’ve each had a lot of success individually, but our greatest success has come as a direct result of our committed partnership. Since 2017 we’ve started 4 businesses, one of them among the fastest growing companies in the US, and we’re impacting 1000s of lives across the world through advanced educational programs in integrative medicine and psychedelic-assisted therapy. 

Together we are on a mission to support as many people possible to become whole, sovereign, and able to turn towards their deepest calling so that we can all co-create a healthier and happier world together.

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3 critical conversations every couple should have

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