Ready To Be Lit-Up,
On-Fire & Totally Turned-On
By Your Work In the World?

  • Find What (Actually) Lights You Up
  • Wake Up Feeling Inspired & On-Mission
  • Elevate Your Ability To Lead Change

Let me guess...

You've checked many boxes of
professional "success" & now you're...

>> Ready to have an "even greater" level
of impact where it matters most to you

>> Ready to ride your next edge as a
female leader or influencer

If you're a female leader who has the desire to
level up in your leadership, impact & influence,
& to do it in a way that has YOU totally lit-up,
on-fire & (literally) turned-on, you're definitely
in the right place.

I help women like you excavate, clarify & refine,
what's truly yours to do next on the planet &
transform into the leader that can powerfully
actualize your mission in the world.

Emma Teitel

"Krista has an incredible capacity to listen deeply, ask powerful questions and support women to find their authentic expression and contribution in the world."

"Her commitment to women's leadership and what becomes possible when women take a stand both for themselves and what they care about is inspiring and has changed my life. She impeccably supports her clients to make the bold changes, both internally and externally, that are required for growth and she does so with grace, with grit and so much care!"

- Emma Derman Teitel (Entrepreneur, Psychotherapist & "Women Today" Podcast Host)

Libby Payne

"No other person in my life that asks such exquisite questions, holds high integrity space and then listens as deeply as Krista does."

"Her questions have the ability to pierce the heart of a problem, leaving me with insights I'd never see on my own. Every time we meet, I leave more inspired to impact the world in my own unique way because of her guidance, reflections and coaching."

- Libby Lia (Entrepreneur, Coach, "Art of Love" Co-Founder)

What happens when your work is
congruent with what you're here to
contribute at THIS phase in your career?

You have greater impact,
increased influence & WAY more fulfillment.

You become a generative force of change.

You KNOW 100% you're doing exactly
what's "yours to do" on the planet with
more energy, inspiration & clarity than ever.

How Do I Know?

Learn from my private [& edgy] story of how I went
from depleted & lacking deeper meaning in my career
to leading a world-changing & enlivening vision that's
aligned with my soul's mission.

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How I Partner With Female Leaders
Who Are Ready To Ride Their Next Edge:

Every aspect of my work is custom-created wrapped around your unique situation, needs & goals.
We develop a potent partnership where your private details & intimate truths are held with
utmost respect & confidentiality to create the 100% trustworthy & safe container you need to succeed.


100% custom-tailored around your unique situation, needs, desires & goals to help you grow fully into your power as you ride your edge of expansion.

Take a deep-dive transformational journey to excavate & refine what's authentically & truly YOURS to do next: the mission, cause, or project that has you totally lit-up, on-fire & turned-on by what you're up to in the world.

Potent experiences to shed the layers of  cultural programming holding you back may include:
360˚degree feedback, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, leadership & communication skill development, core values assessment, tools to keep your mission connected to your authentic desire, & practices to eradicate any tendency to domesticate your dreams.  

Emma Teitel


A 6-month deep-dive journey of elevating your leadership inside an  intimate group of highly conscious, highly intentional female leaders. 

Inside of this tight & juicy container, clarify & refine what you stand for, develop into the turned-on leader who can realize it, create a potent leadership message to convey it & then stand on stage to embody & own it.

Walk away with lasting assets (videos, photos, etc.) to move forward your mission into the world.  Curious? See video below!

FALL of 2021

Not Sure What You Need?

Then this next option is for YOU! Let's jump in & find out.


Let's hop on a 30-min call to define & refine your next direction.

Merryl Rothaus

"Krista has a warm and fierce laser-like ability to get right to the epicenter of what is happening in a person so that their gifts and superpowers can reveal themselves into clarity."

"She holds deep and contactful presence with her focused attention and her insights, based on her keen ability to listen and reflect on multiple levels are invaluable. Krista has a dedicated passion around empowering women to find, reveal and live their most authentic values and truths personally and professionally."

- Merryl Rothaus (Author, Psychotherapist, Shamanic Practitioner)

Meet Krista.

Hi, I'm Krista Van Derveer,

You're here to make a significant contribution in this lifetime. I'm here to make sure that happens.

I'm the visionary partner & private confidant behind many women leaders & influencers who know they are on the planet to lead big change. Women who are unwilling to allow their lives, desires & contributions to be determined by internal & external limitations. Women who are committed to their greatest growth & greatest expression in this lifetime.

I work with leaders who are ready to ride their next edge, to discover what's next on their journey, to uncover their next inspiring (& often intimidating) vision for what matters most, & to hold them accountable to play even bigger.

Together with my team, we bring decades of high-level executive coaching, leadership training, mastery in relationship & communication, & cutting-edge transformational technologies (including psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy) that get to the root of hidden blocks & unprocessed trauma that keep us from seeing greater possibility and living into our greatest expression & potential.

Krista Van Derveer

Together, we'll get you lit-up, on-fire & turned-on by what you're up to in the world.

Osha Waters

"Krista is an illuminating power of access to what wants to move through woman in this lifetime...the once silent treasures that are now ready to become, to be known, to announce themselves to the world and boldly serve."

"She listens, she conjures, she questions, she points the sword, softens, and widens and creates the fertile ground from which woman can locate and claim her unique voice within all the voices."

- Osha Waters (Birth & Death Doula, Diviner, Mama)

"Krista is here to help us all remember how much it matters that the fullest
expression of what is possible in our lives, comes into fruition.
She is kind, she is willing, she is honest, she is powerful."

~ Megan Eggers Zubaedi