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10 Relationship Agreements
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Develop More Security, A Deeper Connection,
& A Greater Capacity To Co-Create

Krista Van Derveer

"When we have relationships explicitly committed to everyone’s greatest success, we enter into a new paradigm that, with the right context, agreements, skills, and tools, can produce outcomes beyond our wildest dreams."

Hi! I'm Krista.

I'm so glad you're here! I'm a relationship coach specializing in creating extraordinary "We's" -- both personally and professionally.

Whether you are an executive who wants to be more effective interpersonally, or you're a co-founder struggling to have a highly successful founder partnership, or you know your intimate relationship can be optimized for greater success and impact, you're in the right place.

I'm a seasoned consultant and executive coach with 15+ years of working with all kinds of "We's" who are committed to leading change in the world.

I'm here to support YOU to create the personal and professional relationships that both truly support you to live into your greatest individual potential and also align deeply with the change you're here to create in the world with others.

Ready to dive in?

Female Leadership & Executive Coaching

Increase your leadership and communication skills as you elevate your ability to lead, inspire and influence others.

Masterfully navigate challenging personalities, power dynamics, and hard conversations as you command the next level of respect from those around you.

Whether you are wanting to be more effective in your current position or you are in a career or role transition, I can help you have the impact and outcomes you want.

Executive Leadership Coaching
The Art Of We Couples Coaching

Partnership Mentorship

Whether you're business partners or an intimate couple (or both, like my husband and I are!), learn to implement the most innovative practices, agreements and relational technologies to quickly resolve tensions, align on decisions, and create the kind of partnership that has the capacity to co-create and collaborate at unconventional levels of effectiveness, fun, and success.


The Art Of We Podcast

Co-hosted with my husband Will, our podcast is an expression of what's possible when the people involved are committed to personal growth and professional contribution, backed up by a real belief that "we can do more than I can."

We share our personal experiences, insights and learnings on how to do personal and professional relationships in an unconventional way that's committed to true mutuality, authentic expression and positive change in the world.
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Krista Van Derveer