The Art Of We Podcast Origin Story

The Art Of We podcast

"As husband and wife and business partners, we know that the key to our greatest success out in the world lies inside the health, security, and depth of our relationship. The more skilled and secure our partnership, the greater capacity each of us has to step into our fullest authenticity and potential, and thus the more ability we have to create meaningful change and achieve ambitious goals together."


Our podcast is a living expression of the very first conversation we had on our very first (blind) date: that we wanted our next relationship to be of service to the world, not just a private love oasis.

"The Art Of We" podcast is an expression of what's possible when the people involved are committed to personal growth and professional contribution, backed up by a real belief that "we can do more than I can."

Born in 2022, just 3 years after getting married, the content is a combination of the journey of moving from "I" to "We" leadership and mindset; how to heal together in relationship: Will's background in integrative mental wellness and healing trauma; advance relationship skillsets: Krista's background in relational wellness and teamwork in the workplace; our unique way of approaching intimate partnership that prioritizes contribution; our relationship agreements (turned wedding vows) that keep us connected and on mission; and the parallel relevancy that all of this has inside of any "We" - both personal or professional.

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wedding vows

10 Relationship Agreements
For A Powerhouse Partnership
with Your Beloved

Develop More Security, A Deeper Connection,
& A Greater Capacity To Co-Create